January 2018 AMA RUC meeting update

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) advisors and staff attended the American Medical Association (AMA) RVS Update Committee (RUC) meeting Jan. 10-13 in San Diego, where they monitored several code valuation applications relevant to sleep medicine. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) considers this input when developing Relative Value Units (RVUs). The following applications were of interest at the meeting:

Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing

The American Academy of Neurology, American College of Physicians, and American Nurses Association surveyed a new code describing physician work associated with psychological and neuropsychological testing, which had been given an interim work RVU at the previous RUC meeting. Presenters acknowledged that they should broaden their survey and involve more specialties. As a result, the application was rescinded for review at a future meeting.

Interprofessional Internet Consultation

The American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Physicians presented new codes to report consultation services provided via telephone, internet, and electronic health record. One code would be reported by the consultative physician and would require a written report, while the other would be reported by the treating physician. The recommendations passed.

Chronic Care Remote Physiologic Monitoring

The American College of Cardiology presented new chronic care remote physiological monitoring codes for providing remote physiologic monitoring services (e.g., weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry) over a 30-day period, as well as reporting time spent managing care during the month. The recommendations were passed by the RUC.

AMA Representation

To have advisory seats to the RUC, and to the AMA CPT Editorial Panel, the AASM must have a sufficient number of members who join the AMA. This representation enables the AASM to be a voice for sleep specialists when sleep medicine codes are developed, and when the relative values of sleep medicine services are evaluated. Please join the AMA or renew today to help us keep this position of influence. Thank you for supporting the field of sleep medicine!

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January 2018 AMA RUC meeting update
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